Industrial Hygiene

Beacon provides high quality, industrial hygiene assessments for many chemical substances and physical stressors.  Beacon uses only the highest quality, accredited laboratory services and current equipment and methods.  Evaluations for employee exposures can be critical for determining proper personal protective equipment, OSHA compliance, evaluating the effectiveness of engineering and addressing potential employee concerns.  Beacon can assist in assuring that exposure data is collected in order to meet OSHA requirements to identify workplace health hazards. 

Air sampling is essential to assess potential employee exposures to airborne hazards.  Beacon utilizes high quality accredited industrial hygiene laboratories for sample analyses.  Beacon also conducts sound level surveys as well as employee noise exposure assessments to evaluate occupational noise exposures. 


Independent, third party industrial hygiene assessments can provide objective, defensible exposure data that can be used to evaluate and monitor employee exposures, the effectiveness of engineering controls and the need for personal protective equipment.  Many of OSHA's substance specific regulations require initial exposure assessments in order to determine the need for written programs, engineering controls, medical monitoring, training and personal protective equipment requirements.


The following are just some of the Industrial Hygiene services that Beacon offers:



Chemical Exposure Assessments


Noise Exposure Assessments


Hazardous Material Evaluations


Surface Contamination Assessments


Engineering Control Evaluations


Safety Data Sheet Development and Review


Chemical Process Reviews


Industrial Hygiene Audits


Monitoring Program Development


Emergency Response Programs/Training


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